Trudeau forgets the Jews in Holocaust

The government of Canada has taken down the Holocaust Monument plaque that was inaugurated last week.

At the unveiling of the plaque last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau highlighted how the nation’s new Holocaust Monument was a symbol of the government’s commitment to eliminate racism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism from the country.

The plaque however was blasted by the critics as it failed to mention anti-Semitism or the Jewish people.

Instead, the plaque simply took to pay tribute to the “millions of men, women and children murdered during the Holocaust,” and honour the people who were pertinacious during “one of the darkest chapters in history.”

David Sweet – a Conservative MP rebuked the federal Liberals for what he considered to be a “profoundly obvious omission,” on the government’s part.

To make his point clear during his speech, Sweet also said, “If we are going to stamp out hatred toward Jews, it is important to get history right.”

The federal Liberals were quick to take action against his concerns.

Mélanie Joly – the Heritage Minister – said that the National Holocaust monument was built to commemorate everyone who was killed during the Holocaust. This includes six million Jews and five million others who became victims of anti-Semitism.

Joly also added, “The plaque has been removed and we will replace it with language that reflects the horrors experienced by the Jewish people.”

The planning and building phase of the new monument took over a decade to materialise. The Holocaust Monument consists of six structures configured triangularly to depict a star.

Canadian Jewish News reported that the monument includes several mentions of the Jewish people that were targeted during the holocaust.

The strict outburst however, was triggered because this wasn’t the first time the Jewish mentions have been omitted from Holocaust commemorations. Justin Trudeau faced the heat earlier in 2016 for failing to specifically mention the Jewish people in a statement for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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