Trudeau faces far right protesters on Quebec City tour

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his recent tour is to help him escape the ‘Ottawa bubble’, however he may be getting more than he bargained for.

The PM was holding a town hall, as he has been doing in many cities recently, when he fielded questions from the audience.

The town halls are open to the public and anyone can attend and that’s how the group ‘Storm Alliance’ managed to enter the town hall and stage their silent protest.

They all stood in a line at the end of the town hall and all of them were wearing shirts emblazoned with ‘SA’, the initials for Storm Alliance.

The Storm Alliance is a far-right group that is influenced by Storm Front, a far-right, pro-white community and group in the USA.

This is not the first time they are protesting the prime minister, and it is likely not the last time.

The group claims that the PM is hurting Canada by encouraging immigration of Muslims, which is bad for Canadian culture.

While the group has not been able to gain any serious traction the way similar groups have been able to do in USA, it is becoming more prominent these days.

The presence of Storm Alliance, as well as a heckler who unveiled a swastika flag during the event (the heckler was unrelated to Storm Alliance) resulted in a lot of discussion of race.

People asked the PM what he thought was necessary to combat racism and make sure that Canada remained an inclusive country.

The Storm Alliance quietly stood at the back of the room. They were not selected by the PM to ask a question.

They were seen taking selfies which were later posted on their social media accounts.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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