Trudeau becomes international fool, he’s a spineless virtue-signalling excuse for a feminist says Piers Morgan

Justin Trudeau becomes a worldwide fool once again.

The Canadian Prime Minister attended a town hall in Edmonton last Friday night where more than 1000 people showed up for a chance to answer questions.

Trudeau first went viral on social media for his response to a veteran saying they are asking more then the government can give right now.

The video of the fierce exchange between the veteran and Trudeau received over 9 million views within a week.

But Trudeau had another exchange with a faith leader and interrupted her when she said the word “mankind”, Trudeau said it’s “peoplekind”

This foolish remark by the Prime Minister made international headlines.

Former CNN host Piers Morgan wrote a column for the Daily Mail with a headline that read, “How dare you kill off mankind, Mr Trudeau, you spineless virtue-signalling excuse for a feminist”

Trudeau admits he’s a modern day feminist, but is modern day feminism right? Take a look at the feminists protesting pink pu**y hats against President Trump almost daily online and offline, do “pink” pu**y hats also represent women of colour? They would say it’s a grey area.

Piers Morgan supports President Donald Trump as a friend, but the two disagree on many things including gun laws and feminism, but Morgan has one final message for the Canadian Prime Minister as he ended his column with this line, “the word ‘woman’ contains ‘man”

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