Trudeau at UN: Canada is still “a work in progress”

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada – has stated that his beautiful country is still “a work in progress” and has “much more to go” in terms of advancing on all levels, especially politically. Trudeau even mentioned that the global scene has benefited much from maintaining Canada in the UN, noting its many positive affects in only 30 years – and counting. He hopes that Canada’s continued alliance with the Global Parties only continues to further excel and that he can be a propeller of such impacting change, thereby reaching masses for decades to come.

Negative Aspects?
Trudeau still notes the negative aspects of his country’s recent past; believe it or not, with a country as nearly flawless as beautiful Canada, they do exist. Any humble leader and country would be wise to note its past mistakes and publicly announce the upcoming plans to fix them as Trudeau has no less done here. As of he, he appears to be a man of solid convictions and one who stands by his every word, even if it hurts him. Nonetheless, Canada promises to march forward in spite of its recent oppositions from certain ends, rivals who hope to only see the struggling country burn in greater shame and misery than it ever has in years past.

The Housing Crisis Looming
One area that has currently had its “ups and downs” has been the housing sector; indeed, real estate in Canada has not been at its best, especially in the last five years. Still, though, experts promise to press forward against all odds and bring a brighter future for local Ontario, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Toronto residents. On other ends of the spectrum, a brighter market seems to shine when least expected; thus who have studied buyer’s and seller’s markets will know to take advantage.

Indigenous Relations
Trudeau has also recently apologized for Canada’s recent past. He spoke of its relations with its indigenous people. He hopes to better such shortcomings immediately.

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  1. The has held gov for seventy years during each reign in gov has never made a public apology to the First Nations/ABORIGINAL PEOPLE.

    It was CPC PM STEPHEN HARPER who made that apology but since half this country have that knowledge thanks to the media for keeping it quiet from them, I am not surprise that Justin has taken the opportunity to claim that victory as his own.
    Look it up Benjamin Diaz.

    The world are facing a far bigger problem than some internal dispute in Canada. Do you hear other nation airing their internal problems?

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