Trudeau announces new legislation proposal to gun control

Justin Trudeau took to Twitter to announce new legislation proposal for more gun control to keep more guns off the streets.

Trudeau also said there will be not another long-gun registry under his government.

Here’s some of the changes in the new proposal.

  • Enhance background checks on those seeking to acquire firearms – by eliminating the existing provision that focuses those checks primarily on just the five years immediately preceding a licence application.
  • Enhance the utility of those background checks and the effectiveness of the existing licensing system – by requiring that whenever a non-restricted firearm is transferred, the buyer must  produce his/her firearms licence, and the vendor must verify that it is valid.
  • Standardize existing best practices among commercial retailers to maintain adequate records of their inventories and sales. These records would be accessible to police officers on reasonable grounds and with judicial authorization, as appropriate.
  • Ensure the impartial, professional, accurate and consistent classification of firearms as either “non-restricted” “restricted” or “prohibited” – by restoring a system in which Parliament defines the classes but entrusts experts in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to classify firearms, without political influence.
  • Bolster community safety in relation to restricted and prohibited firearms (mostly handguns and assault weapons) – by requiring specific transportation authorizations to be obtained whenever restricted or prohibited guns are moved through the community, except between a residence and an approved shooting range. The rules for transporting unrestricted weapons (such as legally owned rifles and shotguns) will not change.

The gun control debate got boosted in Canada due to the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida where 17 people were killed.

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