Trudeau and Freeland Happy With NAFTA Agreement

In what is being touted as a major progress between both Canada and the U.S., both the countries reached an agreement on NAFTA just a couple of hours before midnight on 30th September. Related to the matter it has come out that the representatives from Canada are happy with how things have phased out.

Speaking to reporters from National Press on Monday, both Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau showed their happiness at the renegotiated NAFTA, which is now being termed as USMCA or the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement.

However, they did caution that challenges are still to come.

Freeland called the deal a victory for all Canadians, while Trudeau complimented her for her tireless and relentless work. Freeland has been involved in the negotiations for over 13 months, travelling to and fro Washington and Toronto.

“There are still some uncertainties … That being said, today’s announcement is a major stride forward. This is the path we must follow to usher in a new era of economic prosperity and stability,” said Trudeau.

Freeland also talked about some ongoing topics of discussions. “That’s something we continue to discuss with the United States,” she said. “We have a little bit of wind in our sails and we are going to very much continue to work on this issue but it is separate from the NAFTA talks.”

Both she and Trudeau reiterated the point that there were some moments of drama in between, but the two nations were looking to get the best deal possible. “In all negotiations there are low and high points,” said Trudeau, “a key moment for me was when we realized that we were going to have an intact Chapter 19 … When we got there, that was an excellent sign for me.”

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