Toronto Man – Terrence Noftall, Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

Toronto – Police gave a press conference this morning to discuss the case of 55-year-old Terrence Noftall, who is accused of child sexual abuse.

Detective Alexandra Marks said the “case dates back to 2000 where the suspect is believed to have lured children at the Bee Happy campsite in Innisfill, Ontario”, and has “abused at least one child between 2000 and 2005”.

Allegedly in 2012, he has been suspect of abusing a child he met at the Western Hospital in Toronto, where he worked.

Noftall, who was sentenced on March 5, has been charged with 3 crimes of sexual interference, 3 crimes of sexual abuse, access to child pornography and 2 crimes for violation of a restraining order.

This restraining order prevented the suspect from contacting children because of charges of sexual interference with a child under the age of 16 in 2009, it was valid for 10 years and would still be in effect.

It is believed that Noftall used social networks, Facebook and Instagram, to talk to young users.

For now, the police continue to investigate the case, as Law enforcement officials believe that there are more victims.

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