Thousands more immigrants to come to Canada under the Liberals

Canada has decided to welcome one million immigrants in next three years. This announcement has been made by the Liberal Government under it Multi Year strategy.

Under the program, the numbers for various categories has been increased. In the category of Economic, Family and refugee immigrants; the number will be at 310,000 in 2018 from current 300,000. While in 2019, it will be 330,000 and eventually will reach the level of 340,000. All these number are presented in House of Common.

Immigration Minister has called this “the most ambitious plan” in recent history under which Canada’s immigration will achieve the level of 1 % of entire population by 2020.

The minister also said in House of Common that 500,000 Canadian would be retired till 2035 after which we have few people to support the seniors and retirees. He added that Immigrants will play an important role in society.

The Liberal Government has rejected the allegation that new comers will drain country’s resources and would add burden on the system.

The current policies are designed after the recommendation advisory council to upgrade the levels of Newcomer to 450,000 annually by 2021.

The critics of new policy are of the view that government should not use the numbers of newcomers.

The critics of liberal party and its new policy are also pointing out the loopholes in the Safe third country agreement under which migrants are crossing into Canada unofficially by claiming themselves migrants.

After automaton and technology, immigration is the third issue that will affect country because of aging population, retirement and declining birth rates.

In an environment where countries have tighten their immigration policies after global terrorism, Liberal Party’s Policy is a surprise and would help the people who have forced to leave their respective countries due to civil wars and harsh laws.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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