Theo Fleury criticizes Justin Trudeau again

Hockey legend and NHL star Theo Fleury criticized Justin Trudeau once again on Facebook.

On Monday Fleury slammed Trudeau for taking a day off after returning from India.

The following post was published on his Facebook page.

“After the debacle of the India trip which was an embarrassment to this great country. He decides that today is a great day to take a day off. You have a lot of questions to answer my friend. So instead of being a leader and standing up and answering questions you are trying to rope a dope us. Well I’m sorry you are done. Leaders don’t hide!!!! You know what we don’t need ya stay home or better yet resign. I also know that by making this post I’ll be called a drunk a druggy a dumb jock etc etc etc. What I say to this is get some new material because I never heard this before!!!!! Lol!!!!”

This isn’t the first time the former Calgary Flames player criticized the prime minister, on February 19 this post was published on his Facebook page.

“If Trudeau was a good guy and all about Canadians this trip to India wouldn’t matter. When the country criticizes everything you do, you know that your leadership is subpar. Remember you work for us we don’t work for you!!!! There are bigger problems that need your full attention here. No time for a vacation. BC and Alberta needs your attention and leadership. Mental health needs your attention and leadership. Veterans need your attention and leadership. We have given enough and your spending is out of hand. If I was the PM and the country needed my attention I wouldn’t be taking photo ops in foreign countries that don’t even want you there. I would be here taking care of Canadians.”

And back in January 21 Trudeau for the following message from Fleury.

“Since Trudeau got away with violating the ethics code he is now much braver and more confident that he can get away with more violations. This has to stop. This is not my Canada. My Canada is freedom.”

Fleury’s posts received thousands of shares across many social media platforms, Canadians crave the feeling when celebrities criticize and call out corrupted politicians.

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