The Toronto city council reduction was just what the Canadian democracy needed

Promises made and promises kept.

It was something that had the exact affect it was supposed to have, leave the Liberals that had disregarded the governance of Toronto in a complete sense of chaos. There were calls of gross incompetence, of shock and the occasional accusation of willfully denigrating the council for ulterior motives.

But despite all this, Doug Ford was able to deliver something that he had promised throughout his campaign trail, the days of mismanaging the Toronto city council were over.

Some time has passed since that shocking but not too unwelcome development and both sides of the aisle have had ample opportunity to have a second look at the matter.

It’s not something that the people of Toronto didn’t know. The fact that the city had been subjected to one of the most incompetent municipal governments in modern history is a shame in itself.

This is where Ford made it clear that his tenure would not be a mere continuation of those absurd policies.

He intended to bring radical positive change and he looks to have made the first step in the right direction.

When he labeled the Toronto City Hall as “the most dysfunctional political arena in the country”, he had valid and coherent facts to back up his claims.

The hall would continue on with council meetings for weeks on trivial matters, discussing matters that should not ideally take more than a few hours. All of this while placing incredible strains on the tax payers’.

Ford followed up his promises with action where the council meetings last for a few days when discussing pressing matters. He has promised the whole process would be further shortened down when he reaches the ideal number of council members.

There is a new found transparency in the city hall now, and it’s there no thanks to the liberals.

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Emmy Skylar

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