The Second Suspect in the Markham Kidnapping Has Been Caught by Police

Police officers say that the second suspect has been arrested after the armed kidnapping of a Chinese student last month. The police said that they had executed a search warrant at a place in Brampton, in Ontario, where the 33-year-old man was found and arrested.

Hashim Abdullahi has appeared in court on Wednesday. He was dressed in a black T-shirt and his hands were handcuffed. He has been charged with forcible confinement, kidnapping, and assault with a weapon. He’s scheduled to appear in court again to see if he can make bail. This comes after another suspect from the kidnapping decided to turn himself in to the police.

Abdullahi Adan, who is 37 years old, decided to surrender after the police filed for a nationwide warrant for his arrest. He is facing the same accusations as Hashim Abdullahi.

They asked for ransom

There are two other suspects involved in this kidnapping. According to the police, there are four men showed on the surveillance video from the underground parking garage, where Lu was kidnapped. It’s been also shown that one suspect used a “conductive energy weapon” in order to shock the 22-year-old student from China when he resisted their attacks. Lu was put in a dark van, which then started to sped away.

Lu got out alive three days later, in a city that is located 160 km from where the student went missing. He had minor injuries, and he went back to his family.

Police said that they did it for money – the four men asked for ransom, but the police did not say how much money they asked for or if it has been paid.

The police are still searching for the last two suspects of the kidnapping.

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