The Largest Human Maple Leaf Record Broken in Ontario

About 4000 people took part in a great even for Canada. These people took part in forming a maple leaf in a park from Trenton, Ontario. This happened on Saturday. All the people were dressed in red T-shirts. Together, they created an outline of a leaf. They did it for a Canadian Armed Forces charity, called Soldier On. 

A representative from Guinness World Record was there, too 

There was also a man present from the Guinness World Record. In turns out the people broke a new record. The representative made the certificate. The last ones to hold the record for the most significant human maple leaf was Grouse Mountain, with 1589 people. The Ontario municipality can now brag about breaking this record over the Canada Day long weekend. 

They saw this as an opportunity to show appreciation for the military 

The organizers of the event said that they wanted 5000 people to be present. That did now happen, but they still managed to beat the last record with 3942 people. Mike Eden is one of the organizers, and he said that he saw it as an excellent opportunity to celebrate Canada Day and, also, show their appreciation for the military. 

The event raised awareness for Soldier On, which is a program that is helping veterans and people who are still part of the military to overcome injuries and mental illness by making the most out of sport. 

This was a patriotic opportunity, and a visual representation of the respect and gratitude people have for those who serve for their country, and for their families, as well. Eden said that they are so proud to make this dream a reality – to raise awareness and put the spotlight on the Canadian Armed Forces and Soldier On. 


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