The Green Party Win: Canadians Are Too Occupied by Climate Change

The election win for the Green Party in B.C is actually a sign that Canadians are too preoccupied with the issue of the climate change going into the federal election that’s going to take place this fall. Paul Manly from Green said that he took a command of 37.3% of the vote in the Vancouver Island, outdoing the Conservative challenger John Hirst – he earned 24.8% of the ballots cast. In the third place came NDP’s Bob Chamberlin, with 23.1%.

Liberals of Trudeau, who are represented by Michelle Corfield, got 11% of the vote, and they were actually never a factor in this riding.

Trudeau said that they see the ride of the successful conservative politicians, across a country that does not believe in taking action in the climate change matter. He then proceeded to say that it is really important for Canadians to choose a government that is committed to the climate change matter. The elections are this fall. It’s the point they are going to be making throughout the fall.

Is this going to be bad news?

Apparently, an improvement for the Green fortunes all across the country would be bad news for the New Democrats. Green included the official Opposition in P.E.I, and they also posted a third-place finish in a Quebec byelection in February. New Democrats share with a similar terrain when it comes to the political spectrum. It could lift the Liberal fortunes in a national contest with the Opposition Conservatives.

Trudeau was forced to face some pushback when it came to his carbon tax plan. They came from the federal Tories – Andrew Scheer, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal gave a rule in a split decision, that the tax imposed on provinces, without a carbon price of their own, is actually constitutional.

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