The Equifax Hack Affected More People in the US than in Canada

According to Equifax, only about 8,000 Canadian customers were affected as a consequent of the high-profile breach of their cyber data. The number of US customers is much higher.

Following the cyber breach at Equifax that compromised the personal information of millions, cyber security firm, Mandiant conducted an independent review to find the actual number of people affected by the issue.

A previous estimate by the company revealed almost 100,000 Canadian customer profiles being compromised. It was only after the forensic review conducted by Mandiant that the actual number was found to be far lower than the estimate.

As for Equifax’s American customers, the turnout is considerably different. The Mandiant forensic review added almost 2.5 million to the estimated list of American customers, pushing the total figure up to a massive 145.5 million people altogether.

Equifax’s Canadian division website posted an update where they clearly stated that the company hasn’t mailed any notices to customers. It also said that the company doesn’t plan to make any unsolicited emails or calls to its customers regarding the issue.

The first public notice of the security breach was released by Equifax on September, 7. However, the actual breach, as reported, took place between May, 13 and July, 30. The company’s cyber security team caught the unauthorized access on July 29.

The Atlanta-based company believes that the hackers gained access to Equifax Canada’s database via a consumer website application designed for the use of US consumers.

The company currently faces investigations in both US and Canada. In addition, there are at least 2 anticipated class actions filed against them in Canada.

The colossal data breach also led to several top-level resignations at the renowned consumer credit reporting agency, which includes the chief security officer, the chief information officer, and the chief executive officer.

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