Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau half-admitted Justin cheated on her in 2015

After an old article resurfaced of Justin Trudeau groping a young female reporter in 2000, a new wave of old articles seem to appearing on public discussion boards.

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau agreed that marriage life was hard on the family.

In a article from 2015 on Global News, Sophie half-admitted her husband cheated on her.

Sophie was asked about questions reporters asked Justin about extramarital affairs, she responded.

“Ha! Really?” Grégoire-Trudeau says.

“Ask if whatever happened in our lives – I’m not saying it did or didn’t – as if we would answer that.”

She puts down her fork and looks across the table.

“I can tell you right away that no marriage is easy,” she says.

“I’m almost kind of proud of the fact that we’ve had hardship, yes, because we want authenticity. We want truth. We want to grow closer as individuals through our lifetime and we’re both dreamers and we want to be together for as long as we can.

“I’m happy that we had to go through that.”

Justin Trudeau denies any cheating and groping allegations from his past.

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