Seamus O’Regan says Canada needs more immigrants because they create more jobs than Canadian-born people

Canada’s Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence Seamus O’Regan says Canada needs more immigrants to create jobs in Canada because they create more jobs than people born in Canada.

He’s right, but he forgot to add the context, the argument has a broad range, it’s like saying men earn money than women without saying women make different life choices, have children and would much rather be at home to care for their children, the argument isn’t even debatable, it’s illegal to pay men more than women, and if it wasn’t, employers would hire more women to save money, no? Canadian-born employers hire more people, while immigrants hire just a handful and he forgot to mention it takes those immigrants 9 years to create a business.

According to the article on CBC that he linked to his claim, 5.3 per cent of immigrants owned a company while only 4.8 per cent of Canadian-born people own a business.

Those stats came out in 2010, 8 years ago, but since 2016 Canada’s immigration system has been taken advantage of by so-called irregular travellers, thousands of people cross in to Canada from unauthorised ports of entry claiming asylum.

These immigrants get cared for by Canadian taxpayers, they live in Hotels with funds provided by the federal government, it could take them up to a year to have all paperwork in place to work.

Stats Can doesn’t any updated numbers on Seamus O’Regan, currently nearly half the people immigrating to Canada are doing so illegally with nothing to their name, they are not fleeing war and are entering unauthorised ports of entry, while only 36 per cent of claims are being accepted, very few are being deported and continue to live off the Canadian economic system.

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