Scheer demands apology for Morneau’s “Neanderthal” comment

After the Finance Minister called a Conservative deputy leader a “Neanderthal” while the Parliament was in session, Andrew Scheer has twice demanded an apology from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The incident in question occurred on March 26 during a debate of the federal budget.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau, a close ally of PM Trudeau, was discussing the unpopular federal budget in Parliament when the conversation veered into highly political territory. Member of Parliament Lisa Raitt, who is the current Deputy Leader of the Tories, engaged Morneau in a heated debate over what she called an effort to buy votes by presenting the budget as a vehicle to buy into a feminist agenda.

MP Raitt essentially questioned the budget as being cynical because the Finance Minister’s office has not shown any commitment to empowering women. Minister Morneau took exception to Raitt’s comments, explaining that the federal budget seeks to promote women within government ranks. Morneau then took things a bit too far, saying that his office will drag any Neanderthals who dare to oppose the budget. Since MP Raitt is a member of the Opposition Conservatives questioning the budget, she took offense at being called a prehistoric human.

Conservative Leader Scheer was incensed over the verbal exchange, and he has been calling on PM Trudeau to get an apology from his Finance Minister; nonetheless, the PM has responded generically and has insisted on continuing to work on the budget. In the meantime, Conservatives are discussing this failure to apologize on social media under the hashtag #FakeFeminists.


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