Salmon Arm RCMP Makes Arrests on Trans-Canada Highway

The Salmon Arm RCMP arrested suspects of an alleged robbery on the Trans-Canada Highway. The arrests were made around 4.30 pm between the Ross Street and Alexander Street intersections on Trans-Canada Highway.

The initial report indicates that the suspects were trying to flee after robbing the Tappen Esso in a Silver Ford 150. The Salmon Arm RCMP however, managed to round them up and arrest the three suspects near the Salmon Arm downtown Subway.

The suspects, a woman and two men, were removed from their vehicle and transported to the police cars.

Witnesses present at the scene claim that they were informed the situation occurred after a gas station robbery. However, there have been no official statements issued on the event by the RCMP.
Witnesses even saw an ambulance leaving the scene with its sirens and lights on.

There have been reports that the police was seen extracting items from the suspects’ truck and placing them into evidence bags that were then put into the police cars. There were reportedly four police cruisers present at the scene.

Police could be seen putting items from the truck into plastic bags and then placing them into the police cruisers. There were a total of four police vehicles on scene.

Last week, on Thursday, the Salmon Arm RCMP made another arrest – a 36 year old male suspect who has been categorised as a high-risk offender by the police.

The arrests were made when the Salmon RCMP received a call from the suspect’s father reporting his son’s violent behaviour following an altercation between the two.

“While in this frustrated state, the male damaged the residence and the father escaped the area and called 911,” informed Salmon Arm RCMP’s Staff Sgt. Scott West.

Before the arrest, the suspect already had arrest warrants issued against him in Saskatchewan and Alberta for various violent crimes.

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