Revealed behind closed doors, 40,000 Asylum seekers will cost Canada half a billion dollars

Member of Parliament Michelle Rempel went on Facebook live to tell people what she heard behind closed doors in New York after she followed Justin Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to the United Nations this week.

She followed Hussen into a immigration support services provider meeting, and one of the provider asked how many Asylum claimants is Canada anticipating to see this year?

The providers were told 40,000 Asylum seekers in the closed door settings.

Rempel said this number was not provided in the House of Commons by the government.

She also heard in the meeting each Asylum seeker costs $20,000 to process not including deportation costs, Rempel referred to a article by Stephanie Levitz in the National Post. 

At current levels, the federal and provincial governments are looking at a bill of at least $353.9 million to $548.8 million to process claims and provide the required services — the cost per claim ranges from $12,900 to $20,000, according to the Immigration Department.

Those numbers don’t take into account the cost of deporting failed claimants, nor the special measures rolled out to manage the sudden summer spike in border arrival; it’s too early to know that price tag, the department says.

Michelle Rempel who is the Conservative immigration critic said she will continue to fight for Canadians in her Facebook post.

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