Raw Sewage enters Niagara Falls

People have been noticing it yet again – the raw sewage spilled into the Niagara River is just too obvious to ignore any longer.

The sewage dumped into the river has turned the water dark and murky. The stench that comes off from it has become outrageously unbearable.

The discharge is a product of New-York’s wastewater treatment plant, which overflows straight into the river – usually after heavy rainfalls – and flows right in the direction of Canada.

It is the American agency – Niagara Falls Water Board – that is responsible for this situation and Canadians like Mike Strange are demanding answers for it.

“We just want to get this resolved on both sides…It’s not good for either country,” says Strange.

Mike Strange is a member of the Niagara Falls city council and a regular participant of the historic Man-A-Mile relay run.

The Niagara Falls Water Board has been constantly under fire from the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation and Governor Cuomo.

However, the water board reports a lack of capital investment from the government into upgrades needed in the current infrastructure, despite desperate pleads from the board.

The water board’s leadership believes federal and state investment in infrastructure improvements can greatly help curb the regular outflows of sewage into the river.

“We understand and appreciate all those parties — both American and Canadian — who are attempting to shine a light on this issue,” said the statement released by the water board after the issue came into limelight.  

However, Canadians including Strange and Wayne Gates (Member of Ontario Provincial Parliament) aren’t satisfied with the amount of efforts being made on the other side of the border for conserving the river.

“It’s unacceptable. We have to protect our environment, we have to protect our water source, and this has to stop. We have to make sure we heighten awareness and put pressure on the Niagara Falls Water Board to fix the problem,” said Gates.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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