Rachel Notley becomes extremely hypocritical against the oilsands killing birds

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley got extremely aggressive towards the oilsands community yesterday as reports of 123 birds were found dead north of Fort McMurray at Suncor Energy’s oilsands tailings pond.

Notley, shared her thoughts on the matter in a public interview that was later released online.

In it, she speaks out on her current pain and frustration in not being fully able to control the situation from the inside – as many had already noted. It appears the problem is one that had been lingering “on the inside” for far longer than any had come to hope or expect for many months at a time.

Enough is enough, however, and now is the time to act. More bird – and even human – lives are at stake, so the buck stops here, according to Notley, who has recently proposed a plan of stringent action as a last attempt to counteract such harshly imposed measures against the public’s best interests in beautiful Canada. We have all yet to see just how far these new implementations will go, in their time, and whether it was all worth it in the end; as the saying goes, “Only time will well”.

Immediate action on behalf of Canada’s provincial government and its energy department alike are no options but absolute musts, for the very future of aerial wildlife and even human sanctity are at stake here – and nothing less. Thus, it’s important to act now while one still can: Tomorrow is never a promise but a mere hope.

Alberta’s Energy Regulator has made a recent announcement on Notley’s behalf as well, stating her every intention and its participation alongside her efforts.

According to a recent study, this division’s experts claim that more than 120 bird wildlife were already killed or on their way to the grave as a result of such mass panic and miscommunicating, leading to negligence – and eventually death.

Unknown to most, wind turbines in Canada kill 45,000 birds per year according to a study from 2014.

Canada had approximately 5,500 wind turbines.  Adjusting estimates from Environment Canada, this translates to roughly 45,000 bird deaths from collisions with the turbine blades and an annual loss habitat for over 10,000 breeding pairs of birds.  The wind- energy industry is expected to increase ten-fold in 10 to 15 years resulting in approximately 450,000 birds killed per year and displacement of 100,000 pairs of birds if current practices and patterns persist.

Via naturecanada.ca

Rachel Notley and her NDP government keep promoting wind energy while criticizing the oilsands in Alberta, her government is heading in the wrong direction for having a successful campaign leading up to the 2019 election against the United Conservative Party recently formed by Jason Kenney.

There’s no current campaign against wind turbines killing birds in Alberta, hypocrisy at it’s finest.

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  1. lets just shut the entire province down how many birds are shot every year as a sport nobody complains about that as a mater of fact it is promoted so whats the big deal

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