Quebec Could Turn Conservative Thanks to Trudeau’s Shaky Mandate

After the 2015 election, Conservatives in Canada were pleasantly surprised with the gains made in Quebec. Conservative votes and representation in this province have been certainly modest since the Brian Mulroney era, but 2015 was somewhat of a turning point, and the situation has been improving steadily this year.

Much to the dismay of the Liberals, a recent CBC poll across Quebec indicates that the incompetence and general disarray in Ottawa are prompting voters to reconsider their political affiliations. Since early 2018, Conservatives have seen their support increase from 16 percent to 21 percent. While party leaders still have work to do in the province, the current situation suggests that they could add as many as 16 seats just by letting Prime Minister Trudeau and his dubious team continue to push their loose ideas of shaky governance and hurried leadership.

The strength of the Bloc Québécois is being challenged by the weakness of the Prime Minister. While the Tories are making steady progress in Quebec, the Liberals are losing ground at a steady pace. Andrew Scheer, a political leader known to seize the moment when the time is right, recently contributed an op-ed letter to La Presse; in his letter, Scheer invited the good people of Quebec to take a look at the lack of progress made by Trudeau, a man who does not seem to appreciate the confidence placed upon him by the venerable Bloc Québécois.

Scheer will have various opportunities to increase his profile across Quebec before major campaign work begins in 2019. From now until June, Scheer will support Conservative candidate Richard Martel to gain a seat in the Chicoutimi–Le Fjord region. Still, many Conservatives believe that the status quo in Ottawa will help Scheer even more than he can imagine. The Liberals’ current grip in Quebec is tenuous at best, and it is becoming weaker with every dubious move and fumble by Trudeau.

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Benjamin Diaz

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