Protester Shuts Down Faith Goldy’s Anti-Immigration Speech At An Ontario College

Just five minutes after conservative commentator Faith Goldy was slated to speak at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) on March 20th, someone decided to disrupt the event by pulling the fire alarm. in response to the confusion caused by the alarm and the protests outside, WLU faculty canceled Goldy’s talk.

There were well over 175 attendees at the Paul Martin Center awaiting Goldy’s talk on Tuesday. Event organizers say they had to turn away about 200 people interested in hearing Goldy’s speech because there wasn’t enough room in the center.

Goldy was supposed to take to the stage at 7:15PM. People at the event said Goldy didn’t even begin her speech as the fire alarm went off at around 7:20PM.

When the attendees gathered together at the nearby Veterans’ Green, event organizer Lindsay Shepherd officially canceled Goldy’s talk. Shepherd, who also heads the Laurier Society for Open Inquiry, said she was upset about making this call. She was especially saddened that leftists couldn’t nave a “nuanced” discussion on controversial topics with someone of an opposing viewpoint.

On Faith Goldy’s Twitter feed, the activist claimed “Marxists” hijacked her speech because they wouldn’t like what she had to say about the need for immigration reform in Canada. Goldy’s speech was entitled “Ethnocide: Multiculturalism and European Canadian Identity.”

There were about 100 protestors chanting and holding signs outside of Goldy’s event. Many of these protestors were members of African or Indigenous Tribe groups on campus.

It wasn’t only certain students who felt threatened by Goldy’s talks. Many professors at WLU that disagreed with Goldy’s views encouraged students to tear down posters for her event.

The recent cancellation hasn’t dampened Goldy’s spirits. In an interview with the press, Goldy said she’s looking forward to visiting more campuses around Canada and furthering the discussion on topics like immigration reform and European identity.

Goldy is well known in alt-right circles mainly for her time on Rebel Media. Executives at Rebel Media fired Goldy after she agreed to go on a podcast for the Daily Stormer.

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