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The port of Barranquilla is the largest multi-modal structure in the Caribbean and has a unique advantage: along the Magdalena River, it has direct access to the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

“Simply put, if trade between Canada, Columbia and the U.S. is a bad idea, then there are no good ideas,” Trudeau said during his speech to legislators.

This advantage not only benefits the port, but also the companies that are located near it and whose goods reach their docks.

That is the case of Surtiabarrotes, a Barranquilla company with a decade of experience in importing food products from Canada, China, Mexico and other countries in Latin America.

In principle, the company only distributed its products in the seven coastal departments of Colombia – Atlantic, Magdalena, Bolivar, La Guajira, Cesar, Cordoba and Sucre – now it covers the entire national territory, including the Coffee Region and western Colombia and It has commercial relationships with three customer groups: department stores, wholesale markets and institutions. Its most important products are lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas from Canada, and garlic, which imports from China.

Figures from the company indicate that in the last year it imported 8,800 tons of food, mostly from these two countries.

The relationship between Surtiabarrotes and Canada began seven years ago, when the company of Barranquilla originally imported products from Canada for the first time. Its manager, Jose Yesid Olivera, maintains that Canada, is a nation that can be trusted, and that there is no doubt about the quality of its products. However, he is proud to say that he also sells Colombian rice and sugar.It is a company that supports national producers and imports products that are not grown in large quantities in Colombia.

Surtiabarrotes is differentiated by its fair prices and efficiency in delivery. It is located five minutes from the port of Barranquilla and in recent years invested in infrastructure for storage that already adds 5,000 square meters. In addition, they are working on facilitating their clients from the Coffee Region and western Colombia.

They are exploring the possibility of importing other foods and strive to execute the fastest shipping routes.

It is a company that has found its strength in relations with producers in other countries and that is increasingly closer to Canada.

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