Pretty Hair And Selfies Won’t Solve Saudi Dispute

For all the talks of Trudeau being the charmer that Liberals love to hype up, he has proven to be the anti-thesis of everything he promised since day one.

Today, Canada finds itself lonelier than ever on the international stage and the premier is solely to blame for that.

At a time when he should’ve been toughening his tone and taking a stance, he chose to cower down and give into the whims. When the country should’ve been discussing on how to put the returning ISIS fighters on trial, Trudeau chose to re-integrate them into the mainstream society.

All these diplomatic and management debacles have led to a situation where Canada finds itself unable to find any international ally to take a stand against the Saudis.

Even its traditional allies i.e. the UK and the US have chosen to look the other way.

The US State Department made it very clear that it would not be playing any kind of a role in the diplomatic spat between the countries by saying that it’s between the Canadians and the Saudis to work something out.

The whole situation was summed up in perhaps the best way by Rachel Curran, a high ranking official in the previous government of Stephen Harper that “We don’t have a single friend in the whole entire world”.

Canada has failed to follow up or take any sort of diplomatic counter steps.

The reason for that probably lies in the fact that Trudeau has managed to alienate the country and in present circumstances Canada cannot rely on anyone else for support.

It remains to be seen what genius idea Trudeau presents in order to face the economic repercussions of Saudi Arabia’s economic severance of ties with Canada, pretty hair and selfies definitely won’t work.

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Emmy Skylar

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