Prepare for Harsh Winters – Canada to Receive More Snow Compared to Last Year

Not everyone might be excited about this news but skiers can take the time to rejoice. Canada’s winter forecast reveals the country will be receiving a lot more snow this time around – even more than it did last year.

According to a press release by AccuWeather, most of the eastern side of Canada and the Rockies are expected to be colder and snowier than what they were in the preceding winters.

Senior meteorologist at AccuWeather – Brett Anderson said, “Compared to last winter, the upcoming winter is expected to be colder from the eastern Prairies to Quebec…There are opportunities for several significant snow events from Windsor through Toronto and up into Ottawa and Montreal this winter, especially in January and February.”

That’s certainly good news for winter sport enthusiasts. However, when AccuWeather says that Canada will be a lot colder this time around, it means that even Canada’s most snow-averse regions like Victoria and Vancouver can expect some white powder this season.

There will be arctic blasts hitting the Prairies as the temperatures there fall to dangerously low levels. These arctic blasts may occur multiple times during the entire course of winter season.

The AccuWeather press release stated: “These arctic intrusions will be short-lived and followed up by fairly quick warmups in the western Prairies, including Calgary and Edmonton.”

For the Maritimers however, the weather forecasts are slightly different. Maritime cities including Charlottetown, Halifax, and Saint John will face milder and cloudier weather conditions during winter.

Although there haven’t been any forecasts to the intensity and amount of snowfall that the country might experience during winter, it is safe to say that Canada is heading towards one of the harshest winters the country has faced to date.

Experts have issued the warning, asking residents to expect winter 2017 to be longer and colder than last year.

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