Possibility Of Major Flooding From Ontario To New Brunswick

This Easter might prove to be a difficult one for residents from Ontario to New Brunswick. uebec Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault made an announcement on Friday, warning people that heavy rains could lead to floods. The Canadian Armed Forces were authorized by federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to assist.

Michael Sarich from the ORRPB warned people that water levels could reach the ones from the 2017 floods which devastated thousands of homes. “We haven’t had any significant snow melt at this time so there is a lot of concern,” Sarich said.
The good news is that things could chane. “It changes daily because it’s really dependent on the precipitation we receive and the weather conditions,” explained Laila Gibbons, who is Ottawa’s director of roads and parking.

However, at the moment officials don’t expect anything good.

The mayor of Gatineau, Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin advised residents to “prepare for the worst.” At the same time, people can’t forget the devastating 2017 floods, when water reached the ceiling of some houses.“We lost everything in the basement, so now it doesn’t look good,” . Jean-Guy Momy said. “It’s not promising.”

In Rigaud the mayor is also trying to convince residents to evacuate their homes. Howevever, many choose to stay in their house. More than that, there are also residents such as Peter den Dikkenboer who decided that they are not going to use sandbags either.

“There was a house down the road here. They had the house surrounded by a four-foot-wall of sandbags. Today that house is gone,” Dikkenboer said. “It didn’t make a difference.”
The water is expected to peak by Tuesday. Those who live in the flood zones are advised to stay with some friends or family in a safe place until the danger passes.

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