Poll Suggest Most Canadians Think Canada’s Border Situation Is In Crisis Mode

A new poll by Angus Reid suggests most Canadians think the irregular border crossing situation is in crisis mode.

Canadians also think Conservative leader Andrew Scheer would so a better job controlling the border verses the current Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

But is it really in crisis mode? The poll shows 67 per cent of Canadians think so, hundreds of people are crossing the border in to Canada illegal and Justin Trudeau isn’t doing anything about it, the PM just finished nearly two weeks of personal days spending his time surfing in British Columbia.

Recently the federal governments announced they will give Toronto $11 million to help with the crisis, the city has to move 800 irregular travellers to hotels after they used collage dorms which will now be used by students since summer holidays are ending.

“These initial funds have been allocated to help alleviate the immediate pressures being experienced by the City of Toronto,” Border Security Minister Bill Blair said. “We continue to work toward longer-term solutions.”

So far the government doesn’t have a long term solution, two thirds of Canadians think Andrew Scheer will have to fix it if he wins the election in October 2019.

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