Patrick Brown Steps Down for a Second Time

Patrick Brown has announced that he is giving up his attempt to become the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. In a published statement he said that he was stepping out of the race so that he could protect his friends and family from being attacked, to stop being a distraction to the race, and so that he could put his focus on making sure that CTV News is held accountable for the story they printed that caused him to have to step down as PC leader. 

Stepping Down

Patrick Brown stepped down a month ago after he was accused by two women of sexual misconduct. He denied the accusations from the start and said that they were a complete fabrication and finally filed a libel notice to CTV News about a week ago.

Brown only entered the race that was being run to find his replacement, about two weeks ago. He felt that even though he stepped down, that it was something he shouldn’t have done since he was innocent of any accusations. The two weeks that he was running were very hard on his family, he even stated that “the stress and negative lies about Brown caused them to have issues with their physical and mental health”.

It wasn’t only his family that was being affected by the accusations against Brown, but his fellow colleagues as well, which was another reason why he decided to step down. Browns activity in the race to find his replacement caused a distraction to Tories and his goal to beat the LIberal government of Kathleen Wynne.

More Accusations

Just last week, Brown spoke to his supporters about people who were trying to ruin his campaign. The membership numbers of the party when Brown was leading have come under scrutiny after people started to question an almost four thousand dollar deal he discussed with someone who ended up being the favorite PC candidate. Randy Hillier, the PC MPP, has asked the integrity commissioner to go through the personal travel and finances of Brown, accusing him of being a crooked politician.

Brown says that all the allegations against him are not true, but that he will fully participate in any investigation against him to clear his name.

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