Ottawa spends millions for artificial to combat child pornography

Canada’s liberal government has channelled millions of dollars into a national centre that uses artificial intelligence to track child pornography images and report them.

Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale said that “the government is offering the Canadian Child Protection C enter based in Winnipeg $4.1 million over five years and $857,000 a year” to fight this epidemic.

The new funding will allow the protection centre to develop and maintain Arachnid, an automatic tracking device that detects on-line images and videos of children being sexually abuse.

If child molestation is detected, the program sends a warning to the server provider to remove it immediately, then sends that information to authorities for criminal prosecution.

Goodale said “this new tracking technology is fast and very effective.”

Since its launch last year, more than 1 billion Internet pages have been analyzed and 238,000 notices were sent to Internet providers.

“This results into a shocking 700 notices each and every day,” Goodale said.

Lianna McDonald, executive director of the center, said that about “97% of providers comply with the request.”

This funding will also assist, the national line for reporting sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

The number of child pornography cases is on the rise. There were 6,245 incidents in 2016 alone, an increase of 41% over the previous year, according to Statistics Canada.


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About the Author: Galina Kozlovs

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