Ottawa Mosque Loses Charitable Status

Mosques are a sensitive topic everywhere in the western world. There are those who call for greater scrutiny of them while there others that call such acts of singling out mosques are bigoted. These beliefs were dealt a blow when the Canada Revenue Agency recently revoked the charitable status of one Ottawa mosque after it turned out that the mosque had been fairly active in its extremist activities.

These activities include speakers who had made questionable remarks about other groups in the region as well as providing moral support or several terrorist suspects.

The Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque saw its status revoked after July 14 after a number of suspicious items and faults were discovered in their audits. Reportedly the mosque could not justify the expenses it had incurred on a number of different occasions. It has since been found that the centre had been involved in several activities that promote intolerance, hate as well as providing resources to questionable individuals.

The CRA had initially agreed to register the organization as a charity after it made promises and proclamations that it was a key institution in helping the local population. For years, it was believed that the mosque was following up on its promises but a closer look at the speakers that it had hired as well as the literature that it was distributing hints that it had been promoting extremist ideas in the neighborhood.

Some of the speakers that have been associated with the mosque include Abu Usamah At-thahabi, the UK-based imam that openly called for war against the Jews and Christians and Bilal Philips, a Jamiaca-born Canadian that has been banned from several countries for his fundamentalist and extremist views.

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