Ontario Refugee Forced To Hush Encounter With ISIS Slave-master

Imagine you are a refugee, fleeing the terrors of ISIS, and you finally escape only to find yourself face to face with the man who imprisoned and tortured you. It happened to one Yazidi woman, on a public bus of all places.

As if the trauma and stress of meeting her former captor wasn’t enough, when the woman reported the incident to her local immigration authority she was told not to mention it to anyone. It sounds like the plot out of a movie or television show, but for the refugee named Nada it was her reality, and it didn’t transpire in any authoritarian border country; it happened in Canada.

Nada escaped ISIS-occupied Iraq with her four children, after first enduring months of torture as a sex slave for ISIS. Nada’s escape was possible due to a strong grasp of Arabic, allowing her to hide her Yazidi origins. She made the courageous journey to Kurdistan, leaving behind her father and sister, eventually finding refuge in Canada.

She and her children were adjusting to life in Ontario when she came face to face with her slaveholder on a city bus. He fled, but Nada has made is clear that if any immigration official wants his name, she is happy to provide it.

Nada’s story points to a bigger issue in Canada. How many other ISIS members are freely wandering the streets, plotting who knows what? Trudeau is clearly playing a cover-up game. That the Canadian government would rather let terrorists run free than admit its lax immigration policies are failing is the most frightening thing of all.

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Emmy Skylar

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