New Report Released About PM Trudeau’s Blunderous Trip to India

Over the last few months, the disastrous visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to India has been the subject of political analysis and wild speculation. According to a recent news story published by The Canadian Press, the parliamentary committee in charge of intelligence and national security has completed its report on the PM’s trip, and there will likely be questions from the Conservatives about this investigation.

In April, the former national security adviser testified before the Commons about a particular incident that resulted in the invitation of a controversial man to high-profile meetings with PM Trudeau. Daniel Jean introduced a conspiracy theory about Jaspal Atwal, a man who had been convicted for his role in the attempted assassination of an Indian government official in 1986, and who was invited to appear at two events with the PM.

Jean insinuated that Atwal’s appearance may have been arranged by shadowy Indian factions that do not want their Prime Minister Narendra Modi to establish relations with Canada, a nation believed to have sided with Sikh extremists under the administration of PM Trudeau.

The Conservatives have rejected Jean’s claims of a conspiracy to derail PM Trudeau’s visit to India; they believe that this is an attempt to glaze over the incompetence of the delegation that accompanied the PM. Jean would later take retirement, but not before pointing out a few fake news stories suggesting that the Mounties and intelligence officers knew about Atwal and his controversial background but had done nothing to prevent the meeting.

Even though there is now a full report on the security issues of the visit to India, Canadians may never get to learn all details; the contents are classified and can only be released with the approval of PM Trudeau. Nonetheless, an unclassified version of the report has to be reviewed by the Parliament later this year.

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