NAFTA Could Cost Trudeau’s Liberals The 2019 Election

The revised NAFTA deal between the U.S. and Mexico has seen pressure building on Canadian

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Negotiations between Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and U.S. trade leader Robert Lighthizer are scheduled for Wednesday in Washington D.C.

However, the revised NAFTA deal agreed with Mexico has added even more pressure to the crumbling leadership of Prime Minister Trudeau, following a dispute over the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The Liberal leadership of Prime Minister Trudeau is facing its first major problems because of NAFTA and Trans Mountain. Trudeau is moving towards the 2019 election facing his first major leadership crisis and could see his base support turn towards the Conservative Party as strong leadership is needed to maintain the $1.2 trillion deal with the U.S. President Trump continues to push for tight deadlines in negotiations with Canada as he pushes for greater levels of trade in new markets.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government could see their support crumbling before the next election which could result in a loss.

Canada faces a threat to its so far closed dairy market, which would change the entire face of the trade deal between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The question now being asked is whether Liberal politicians can stand up to the negotiating style of the U.S. President, which Democrat Senator Ron Wyden described as “bluster and bullying.”

The panic setting in within the Liberal Party is not shared by many Conservatives in Canada because of the reported overall deadline for a deal to be struck is December 1st. The NAFTA deal is the tip of a leadership crisis for Justin Trudeau who faces challenges over Trans Mountain Pipeline and his climate program which has been rejected by Ottowa.

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