NAFTA at Risk of Derailment: What Does Donald Trump Want?

“Fabulous” – said John Melle – chief US negotiator – as an answer to a question on the progress of NAFTA talks when he made his way out of the negotiation room on Sunday.

Strange, because this one-word reply was a stark contradiction to what others had to say about the talks once the discussions for the day ended.

NAFTA talks between the three countries have been off to a rocky start, with little to no hope of improving.

This has led many into believing or at least considering the fact that Melle and team are deliberately sabotaging the talks to the point where Donald Trump can easily declare the failure of NAFTA.

Over the course of the past week, the US negotiation team has unfurled bombshells – one after the other – without the slightest consideration of what is and isn’t palatable for the other two parties: Canada and Mexico.

It is safe to say that any hopes of quick and hassle-free negotiations have been bulldozed to the grounds by US-presented ideas like the sunset clause, the elimination of NAFTA’s enforcement mechanisms, and pursuing the unviable options of Buy American rules along with the dairy, automobile, and textile industry clauses.

Now the US President Donald Trump has everyone’s attention. With most of the Non-US officials describing the behaviour of American negotiators as, “Kind of sheepish…They say, ‘we don’t have any flexibility on this,’” – one can only attempt to fathom what’s coming next.

It is common knowledge that Donald Trump wishes to invoke the termination clause of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), in order to bait Canada and Mexico into agreeing to his demands.

However, the question is: Can Donald Trump use his popular “break now, fix later” tactic on NAFTA? Will it actually work?

One can only wait and see how that pans out.

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Meagan Kozlovs

About the Author: Meagan Kozlovs

Meagan Kozlovs is a reporter for Debate Report. She’s worked and interned at Global News Toronto  and CHECX. Megan is based in Toronto and covers issues affecting her city. In addition to her severe milk shake addiction, she’s a Netflix enthusiast, a red wine drinker, and a voracious reader.

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