Most Canadians believe Trudeau’s Migrant plan is being poorly managed

A Ipsos poll conducted mid-August shows most Canadians don’t think Justin Trudeau knows how to handle the Migrants coming into Canada illegally fleeing President Donald Trump.

The poll was conducted on behalf of Global News.

The poll shows the majority of Canadians appear to lack confidence in the way the federal government has been handling the migrant situation in Quebec.

A majority (62%) of Canadians ‘disagree’ (28% strongly/33% somewhat) that ‘the current situation with the refugees is just temporary and the Trudeau government has a solid plan to fix it’. Conversely, just four in ten (38%) ‘agree’ (6% strongly/33% somewhat) that the situation is temporary and the government has a plan. Those in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (81%) are most likely to disagree, followed by people in Alberta (76%), BC (60%), Ontario (58%), Quebec (58%) and Atlantic Canada (58%).

Illegal migrants crossing into Canada surged since January, just over 300 migrants crossed into Canada in January, six months later in August there was more than 5000 Asylum seekers walked into Canada.

The Liberal government pledged to give Asylum seekers over $600 per month cash and benefits like Dental and free housing.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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Meagan Kozlovs is a reporter for Debate Report. She’s worked and interned at Global News Toronto  and CHECX. Megan is based in Toronto and covers issues affecting her city. In addition to her severe milk shake addiction, she’s a Netflix enthusiast, a red wine drinker, and a voracious reader.

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