Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre should never be welcome in Alberta

The radical Mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre made some big headlines this week.

TransCanada made the announcement to cancel it’s proposed Energy East Pipeline project which shocked the nation.

15,000 people had high hopes to work on the high paying pipeline proposal.

Denis Coderre, and a few green activists celebrated the cancellation like they won the lottery, stabbing many people in the back.

Coderre strongly opposed the pipeline to go through Quebec even though the province receives the highest amount of money from Alberta, money labeled as equalization payments to the tone of $10 billion per year.

This money buys Quebec health care, low tuition fees and day care among many other services provided by the government.

Denis Coderre was also the man behind the approval to dump billion litres of human waste into the St. Lawrence River which is not very environmentally friendly.

Does it make him a hypocrite to oppose Energy East after dumping human sewage into a river?

It makes him a hypocrite, Albertans are trying to get out of the rut the NDP and Liberal government put them in during the 2015-2016 oilfield season, this is just putting salt in their wounds.

Denis Coderre should never be welcomed to come to Alberta.

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Benjamin Diaz

About the Author: Benjamin Diaz

Benjamin Diaz started working for Debate Report in 2017. Ben grew up in a small town in northern Ontario. He studied chemistry in college, graduated, and married his wife a year later. Benhas been a proud Torontonian for the past 10 years. He covers politics and the economy. Previously he wrote for CTV News and the Huffington Post Canada.


  1. simply put, neither king trudeau, should be welcomed in western canada, i think his mother also should be transfered to montreal. really this country is doomed. i sure hope the usa steps in soon.

  2. Just a tought. Is it possible that the cancellation of the the pipeline as nothing to do with politics and everything to do with economics ?

    At roughly 55$ a barrel right now and tar sand oil being more expensive to produce, maybe it’s simply not that great of an investment for the industry. Playing the blame game is easier than saying. “Yup, we make a mistake, spending a few billions dollars is not a great investment after all”Maybe Keystone XL and Trans Mountain are more than enough at a much lower danger of investment.

    Racism against a whole province is way easier than math, I agree. So blame Quebec for not wanting to endangered it’s ecosystem it’s much easier than logic. Anyone that brings up the argument of equalization payments as no clue how public economy works, it’s nothing more than a smoke-show argument “à la Trump” loved by canadian right movement. Read a bit on the subject, if you are smart, you’ll understand.

  3. As long as the reporters keep the lid close to discussing this deliberate event caused by St. Lawrence River human waste dumper Denis Coderre and dictator Justin destruction of Canada’s economy from the public, Canadians would soon forget.

    And since environment minister gave liberal mayor garbage dumper Denis Coderre permission to dump garbage into the river then why are they so frigging concern for the environment. Seems to me, dumping raw sewage into the river is what Environment minister meant for being ‘environmental friendly.
    In other words ‘ if it good and clean for a liberal to dump raw sewage into a river then it must good and clean for others to do the same.

  4. The only time Garbage dumper Denis Coderre will come to Alberta is to check to see ‘what happen to the FREE MONEY his province receives that has suddenly stopped.

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