Military says concerns about privacy to blame for delay in sexual assault cases

The top police officer in the military has claimed that the real reason for delay in sexual assault cases are privacy concerns. This is related to a promise by the military last year to look again at cases which had been originally deemed ‘unfounded’ and need to be looked at again. The #metoo movement has brought sexual assault back into the spotlight and pressure is being put on the military to deal with these cases again.

Last year, an investigation found that around 160 cases, which makes one third of all sexual assault cases registered with the military, were deemed ‘unfounded’ and not properly investigated. This resulted in a lot of outrage but the outrage ended when the military promised that it was going to look at each and every case labeled ‘unfounded’ and revisit all the details to make sure the original judgment was right.

Provost Marshal Brig.-Gen. Robert Delaney cited privacy concerns and concerns about ensuring they looked at cases the right way. Appearing at a press conference, he said, “I need independent eyes on my files so they can do a legitimate review to see: Did we get it right in the context of how we investigated that particular allegation, how we concluded that file, how we coded that file?”

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