Maxime Bernier: Canada Has Been Hijacked

Ever since Maxime Bernier left his Conservative colleagues a couple of weeks ago, he has been labeled as a sore loser who couldn’t persevere in the face of pressure. Maxime Bernier has been subjected to extreme criticism after his decision. He has finally come out with a more in-depth account of why he has taken this decision.

Bernier believes that he reached this conclusion after he found out that the Conservative party was not at a stage where it could be reformed. Since he wanted to do politics differently, he was just left with the option to do it somewhere else.

Maxime Bernier, who has been a Member of Parliament for the Beauce riding in Quebec ever since 2006, has had an illustrious political career. He was also the minister of foreign affairs, industry and small business in the Harper government.

Bernier currently believes that his decision to start a new party in Canada was inspired by how Canadian politics have been hijacked. The whole country has in fact neared a stage, where locals feel alienated and hijacked.

Bernier does realize that what he has started over here is a risky enterprise.

Talking recently, he mentioned, “I recognize this is a risky enterprise. It certainly explains why none of my caucus colleagues were interested in joining me. But the payoff for Canadians could be huge.”

However, Maxime Bernier does get hope from the Internet and believes that it will help empower millions of native Canadians and help put his perspective forward. He mentioned, “What gives me hope is that with the Internet, it is now much easier and less costly to find relevant information and mobilize around an issue. A small group of motivated citizens can potentially have as much influence as a lobby group spending millions of dollars.”

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