Liberals Fail Our Children On Safety

Canada is often seen as one of the leading nations in the world for bringing up children. However, the latest statistics from 2016, the first full year of the leadership of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, make for grim reading.

Not only does Canada have a problem with infant deaths during childbirth, the disparity between different regions shows how little the Liberal Party cares for those outside Canada’s major cities.

In 2016, the statistics on infant mortality during childbirth showed 4.5 deaths per 1000 children born. This may sound like an impressive figure, but Canada is falling far behind other developed nations in terms of caring for children with Iceland seeing just 0.7 deaths per live birth. As a whole, the safety and health of children in Canada are not protected by the ruling Liberal Party as well as it could be; Canada stands a disappointing 25th from 41 developed nations in a recent UNICEF study on childhood safety.

One of the most shocking statistics to come out of the recent study into children and safety in Canada is the high rate of suicide seen in what is usually seen as a safe nation. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, childhood suicide in Canada has risen greatly.

35 Canadian children under the age of 15 committed suicide in 2016 with a shocking 203 aged between 15 and 19 also taking their lives in the same year.

These shocking statistics are made worse by higher number in rural areas than cities in most categories to show the lack of support Liberals are providing for Canadian children.

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Emmy Skylar

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