Liberals Are Already Trying to Capitalize on the Marijuana Legislation

The ink is still wet on Bill C-45 and the Liberal Party is already running fundraising advertisements on Facebook, asking their supporters to donate towards their fight to keep marijuana legal. The legislation, which was passed on June 19 by a vote of 52-29, has long faced opposition from Conservatives.

Justin Trudeau appears in one of the Facebook ads, while another ad features a picture of a marijuana leaf. Both ads urge supporters to donate now to support the fight to legalize and regulate marijuana.

After clicking on the ad, supporters are brought to a page where they can make their donations. In addition to the Facebook ads, the Liberal Party also sent an email to their supporters asking for donations.

Critics of Bill C-45 are pushing back against the ads, saying that Liberals should be focusing on executing the legislation instead of raising funds for its own political agenda. The Liberal Party is trailing far behind the Conservative Party in terms of donations, and their recent advertisements and emails are a sign that the party is desperate for donations.

Other opponents of the legislation point out that part of the bill states that advertising for marijuana is strictly prohibited, something the Liberal Party apparently doesn’t think applies to them. Using the passage of the bill for their own agenda diminishes the potentially positive aspects of the legislation, such as pardoning those who are currently in prison for possessing marijuana.

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About the Author: Emmy Skylar

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