Liberal want to speed up increased gun control bill in Canada after Parkland shooting

Gun control is a huge debate in the United States right now.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said it’s coming within weeks.

17 people were killed in the Florida school shooting by gunman Nikolas Cruz, a troubled man who showed signs of loving guns on social media.

The shooting sparked protests across the country and gun control measures have been brought up by President Donald Trump.

It’s been two weeks since the shooting and gun control measures are reaching Canada, a country where strict gun laws are already in affect.

Goodale says table legislation soon to complete Liberal gun-control election commitments.

Goodale promised a bill to implement remaining Liberal gun control promises after the Las Vegas shooting last October where 58 people lost their lives to a lone gunman.

“We’re working on the final detail right now. It’s just about ready to go to the House, not quite, I hope to be table it in Parliament within the next very few weeks.” Goodale told iPolitics.

“Part of the difficulty in this period is we’ve got the budget process and we’ve got these two weeks on (in Parliament), two weeks off, two weeks on, which drives me crazy in terms of logistics,” he said.

Does Canada need tighter gun laws? It’s hard to say, most shootings that happened in the United States over the last few years could have happened in Canada, mental health evaluation has not been talked about much during this debate.

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