Left-leaning Activism Demonizing Canada through Systemic racism rhetoric

The so called left leaning activists seem adamant in asserting that the society we Canadians live in is one of horrible racism. They even go to the extent so as to propose that our very legal and institutional framework is grounded upon bigotry. They only back up this claim by utilizing biased rhetoric and dis-contextualized anecdotes.

These self-serving left leaning activists try to scapegoat the system when any minority group individual perpetrates and crime and goes to jail for it. They become sympathetic to one individual and crucify the whole society in place of the crime committed by one individual.

These advocates against hate crime, which in reality are promoting hate against their own state, are using such tactics as have been adopted by the present liberal government. Postmodern narrative was visible in the 2018 budget where every decision was made through the lens of gendered equality. Some called it to be a paramount event for the “racial Canada”; but it just divides us more into races and ethnicities and provided benefits to the Canadians as per the color of their skin.

In an incident where a journalist presented criticism to Trudeau and tried to assert that Canada is not a racist country, he became a target for most left-wing activists. One of them was MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes.

She also tried to bash MP Maxime Bernier when he opposed to the race-leveraging budget presented by the Liberals. And also told him to “check his Wight privilege and be quiet”.

The claims made by Caesar-Chavannes ran counter to her own assertions as, first she claimed Bernier “had no right to even talk about race” and she supported this claim by the color of “Bernier’s skin”. She also opined that the journalist who confronted Trudeau shouldn’t be in journalism because he opposed the rhetoric of systemic racism purported by liberal government.

Canadians have criticized these irrational outbursts of racism which seek to provoke a negative image of Canadian identity and its politics.

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Emmy Skylar

About the Author: Emmy Skylar

Emmy Skylar started working for Debate Report in 2017. Emmy grew up in a small town in northern Manitoba. But moved to Ontario for university. Before joining Debate Report, Emmy briefly worked as a freelance journalist for CBC News.  She covers politics and the economy.

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