Kent Hehr Plans on holding his Position as Calgary MP after Resigning from Cabine for sexual Harassment Claims

MP for Calgary Center, Kent Hehr is adamant on remaining on the position after the resignation from the cabinet upon sexual harassment claims (still pending).

“I have been informed that an investigation into these allegations has begun and I welcome and respect this process,” said Hehr.

“Throughout my career I have always tried to conduct myself with respect towards others, and I understand the most important thing is how each individual feels,” Hehr continued in his statement released on Thursday.

He added, “While this is ongoing, I have resigned from cabinet pending the outcome of the investigation. I do not want to be a distraction to all the good work ‎being done by our government.

I will be staying on as member of Parliament for Calgary Centre to continue working hard on behalf of my constituents.”

PM Justin Trudeau released a statement from Davos, Switzerland, confirming that he had accepted Hehr’s resignation.

Rachel Notley, Premier, on this occasion tweeted, “Governments at all levels have a duty to lead: with better resources and supports to protect victims, laws that create healthier workplaces, and safe avenues for people to speak out. Enough already.

We can change. Let’s change together.”

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