Kathleen Wynne testifies in the Sudbury Bribery Trial for the wrong reasons

Premier Kathleen Wynne appeared in court on Wednesday for four hours to testify for the ongoing Sudbury Bribery Trial as a witness, she testified to help keep the Liberal family stay together.

Wynne testified for the wrong reasons, her political career as a public professional and a premier has tanked for the last few years with record low poll numbers.

Instead of trying to bring the Liberal family together, she will bring them apart, which is not what the Liberal party needs.

Her controversial testify sends different mixed messages to her supporters and the opposition.

The Premier is said to have a close bond with Pat Sorbara – one of the accused in the political corruption case. Sorbara, before the case had served as the deputy chief of staff to the office of Premier Kathleen Wynne.

The court summon to the sitting Premier of the province has obviously stirred up controversy.

The opposition terms it to be an “unprecedented” event, where the incumbent Premier is asked to testify as witness in a case of political corruption.

Jon Pammett – political scientist at Carleton University said, “She is going to have to be careful, she is going to have to try to be calm and try to be above it all, and if she can, to make sure any evidence is deflected far away from her.”

Wynne currently is not facing any corruption charges. However, this turn of events has certainly raised the stakes for her political career.

Pat Sorbara along with Gerry Lougheed Jr. – a businessman and prominent fundraiser for the Liberals – were charged for bribing Andrew Olivier into withdrawing his 2015 by-election candidacy for the Liberals under the Ontario’s Election Act.

Sorbara was additionally charged for another act of bribery where she offered incentives to Glenn Thibeault for accepting candidacy for the same by-election. Both accused parties have, for now, pled NOT guilty.

Back when the accusations came into the limelight in early 2015, Wynne was quick to reject the notion. She even allowed Sorbara to continue to hold her office.

Since then however, Wynne has refrained from making any sorts of comments on the matter.
Hence, her testimony for this case is highly anticipated by the opposition and the people of Ontario alike.

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