Justin Trudeau should try farming day and night, says Twitter users on tax changes

Justin Trudeau’s new tax changes are to close loopholes for those not paying their fair share in taxes, causing many farmers to spend more out of their pocket to pay more taxes.

Many people are angry, last week it was it was Doctors, this week it’s farmers.

Farmers are a special kind of breed, they work long hours during all seasons throughout the year for low wages, and in some cases no wages to bring food to market and care for their families.

Friends and neighbours come together many times a year to continue to seed and harvest their land, and to give their children the education they need to take over the farm one day.

If a county carbon tax proposal isn’t enough, Justin Trudeau decided to make tax changes as well that will affect thousands of farmers across the country.

Social media is a great way for farmers to express their thoughts and feedback on the new tax changes which are supposed to close loopholes for those not paying enough taxes.

Nicole Dow says:

Greg Stamp:

Sandy Horning:

Justin Trudeau needs to realize the people affected by this new tax change is genuinely affecting people who contribute to society in many ways by paying taxes and creating jobs.

We need our farmers to continue to carry on the legacy farming has had for thousands of years. Which includes hard work and a bond that can only be created by experiencing the real thing.

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  1. When will the people who voted him in realize that you can’t borrow enormous amounts of money without having to pay it back some day. He is trying to fulfill the latter part of his campaign promise of balancing the books and finding it not as easy as he thought. So his answer is to tax the people who didn’t vote for him little does he know he is crippling the country in the process. Chip off the Old block stick it to the west!

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