Justin Trudeau: Polls Show That Canada Doesn’t like Him Anymore

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, has seen its popularity go down after being part of a huge scandal over a bribery case. This entire deal has to do with justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, who was pressured to drop the planned, proposed trial charges against one of the biggest construction companies out there. The firm, which name’s SNC-Lavalin Group Inc, is accused of giving bribery to Libyan officials, in return to projects that the former justice minister wanted to investigate. Instead of going on with the investigation, she was told just to give them a fine.

Since we all find out about this about two weeks ago, Wilson-Raybould did not say a word, however, she did get a lawyer and the hopes she will have the chance to say all the truth. Trudeau has denied all of the accusations, and it seems that his popularity also dropped, since the two older government aides decided to leave.

People don’t like Trudeau anymore

An online poll suggests that people don’t like Trudeau anymore – where are all of his votes? People were asked if Canada was doing better since the Liberal government came in power in 2015, together with Justin Trudeau. 1,529 of people took part in the poll, and 46% said that Canada was doing worse. 27% said that things were the same and 22% said that things got better.

vice-president Christian Bourque had a chance to say what was in his mind: he said that all of the figures were good, given the fact that the economy was stronger than it was when Trudeau come in power in 2015. He believes that people are very concerned about the oil and gas industry and that’s why they voted this way.


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