Justin Trudeau – Not the Leader he Tries to Look Like

For Justin Trudeau, everything he says seems to be with the goal of glorifying Canada, but in reality he is only trying to glorify himself. He worries more about saying what people want to hear, and looking fun and attractive (as he has become known for), than he does about his policies and how they are affecting his countrymen.

Stephen Harper

The former prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, was certainly less charismatic and pleasing to the eyes and ears than Trudeau, but he focused on what he truly thought Canada needed to do in order to move ahead in the world. He wasn’t worried about his political image or trying to make people feel good about themselves. The new prime minister has taken a wildly different approach. The question that many Canadians are finding themselves asking now is how long will Canada have to suffer the repercussions of his actions while he continues to say one thing but do another?

Violence Against Indigenous Women

A perfect example of this in the inquiry into violence against Indigenous girls and women in Canada. One of the biggest issues during Canada’s 2015 election was the topic of creating an inquiry into the many missing and murdered Indigenous females in Canada. Stephen Harper did not want to create an inquiry, even though for many years the Indigenous communities of Canada had been pleading with him to do this. Trudeau focused on this during his political campaign, promising to launch a national inquiry as soon as he was sworn into office. He promised a complete renewal of Canada’s relationship with it’s Indigenous communities. He named Carolyn Bennett the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, but it took almost a year of him being in office, and many, many complaints, for an inquiry to be started.

Doing What is Right

While Trudeau is always focused on saying the right thing, sometimes those words don’t create actions that do the right thing for Canadians. One of his election promises was to bring almost 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada. His reaction to the Syrian refugee crisis was a stark difference compared to the way Harper had been running things. In 2017 in sent a tweet (which quickly became viral), saying that Canada would accept everyone who was seeking asylum. This was in response to the news that President of the United States Donald Trump was working on banning travellers and refugees from specific Muslim countries. There is no doubt that Trudeau wrote this tweet partially because he wanted to keep up his image as “the good guy” and the “anti-Trump”. Trudeau’s desire to be popular and seen as a liberal party savior and good guy is nothing new. But while he criticizes Trump’s ultra conservative laws and opinions, he is going the exact opposite and voicing opinions that are too far left, just to get the praise that he deserves, while not thinking about the good of Canada.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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