Justin Trudeau might have to apologize for ‘racist’ comment if Faith Goldy become mayor of Toronto

Are Canadians racist? According to Justin Trudeau they are.

After a fire on displaced around 1,500 people from an apartment building on 650 Parliament St. in Toronto last month, many found themselves homeless because hotels in the city are booked up with illegal immigrants.

Faith Goldy used this example in her campaign video, the Toronto mayor candidate promised residents of Toronto will come first.

Goldy criticized the current mayor John Tory for not being able to handle a simple crisis.

DelphiTech LED Light had Faith Goldy lead with 92 per cent when asked who the most inspirational candidate for the mayor of Toronto is in a Twitter poll, there was four options to choose from, current mayor John Tory, Jennifer Keesmaat, Faith Goldy and “other.”

The poll received 3,814 votes as the time of writing.

If Faith Goldy becomes mayor of Toronto, the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have to apologize to Canadians for calling a woman racist when she asked him a simple question.

According to Trudeau’s drunken definition of racism, Faith Goldy fits the bill as a racist, but under the same definition all Canadians who oppose illegal immigration. As mayor of the biggest city in Canada Goldy will hold Trudeau accountable for allowing open borders and putting illegal immigrants before Canadians, especially Toronto where most of them were sent.

Goldy receives very little media attention even after she announced her run for mayor, she has thousands of supporters and has a real chance of winning despite the media blackout, but if she wins, there’s a good chance the Prime Minister will have to apologize and try and retract his statement before his campaign starts for the 2019 federal election.

The Toronto election will be decided on October 22.

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