Jagmeet Singh blames Harper for Pipeline problems after reports show his Party is broke

Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh isn’t taking a salary because he can’t afford one.

Recent reports show the NDP raised just $5 million from donors in 2017 while the Conservative Party raised over $18 million.

Not only are The New Democrats broke, but they are in debt over one million, all of which has to be paid back only with money from donors.

So why isn’t the NDP receiving more donations from their supporters?

Maybe it’s because their leader goes against almost every value Canadians have stood for in the last decade, such as Pipelines.

Singh says we don’t need Pipelines.

“This is just something we don’t need,” he said.

He also blamed Alberta UCP leader Jason Kenney and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the mess Justin Trudeau left the pipeline economy in.

At the going rate it’s going to be hard for the NDP to win a federal election, Singh will have to step down or change his attitude towards the people he represents.

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About the Author: Emmy Skylar

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